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We offer a collection of fully automatic tools of ecommerce designed to fulfill the needs of the internet business.

All the tools on this site are designed to be powerful, yet extremely easy to use. This assures you that you get what you need, when you need it, without all the technical hassles.

With our ecommerce tools on your site, you can add the features needed to have a full fledged ecommerce site, and be a part of the internet ecommerce revolution!

Key Features

  • All tools are fully automatic
  • No programming required.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ecommerce tools are the ideal solution for internet businesses that want to add customer demanded features to their web site businesses, but but don't want to learn programming or have to deal with buggy software in the process.

Our tools are designed to be powerful, yet easy to use, giving you full control - without requiring you any technical pain.

Try Them Out

If you really want to see how easy it can be to use our ecommerce tools, you'll want to try them out. We offer online demos of all our products, see below for links to the software demos.

Current Products

The collection of ecommerce tools include:

  1. ezContact - An automatic, internet based, customer contact system that automatically forwards customer inquiries, product questions, tech support, to you. An absolute must for your web site if you want to stay in touch with your customer! To see a demo, click here.

  2. ezSearch  - A fully automatic keyword search tool for your website. Allows visitors to search your site for the information they seek. Easy to set up to include or exclude the files and folders you want visitors to have access to. Fully automatic, install and forget. The easy way to add a search engine to your site! To see a demo, click here.

  3. ezMenu - An automatic, no programming required, way to create custom control panels and site menus for your web site. An absolute must for the web site manager who wants to eliminate the retyping of site addresses. With ezMenu, you can instantly create you own private button menu and make the most of your time! To see a demo, click here.

We offer several ways to purchase these software applications, to check out the ordering options click here.



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