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Reseller Area:

Already have an Internet related business? Looking to add to your company's list of features? How about offering your clients web hosting... co-branded as your own. It's extremely easy and our hosting system is sure to help make your sales even easier. 

Web Hosting is growing at over $16 million a day!  The web hosting market is the fastest growing Internet sector in the world today. Web Hosting revenues exceeded $19.8 billion in 2004, up from $1.4 billion in 1999. This year revenues will exceed $54 Billion in 2009 with a projected increase of 17% for 2010 (International Data Corp).

Give your clients complete control of their websites and provide all of the features they need to operate extremely effective websites. This is key because it will limit support issues you will have to deal with. Your hosting plans should provide your clients with a Control Panel that truly enables them to control every aspect of their hosting plan. That way, they will not have to contact you every time a plan feature needs to be manipulated.

Have complete control to set up new clients under your Reseller account. After you sell your website hosting services, we supply you with our Special Reseller Control Panel you add domain name accounts through - you set the domain name, username, password, hosting features you need to be able to set up your clients' sites on your schedule.
Reseller Features:    Reseller
 Storage    2,000 MB
 Bandwidth Transfer   5 GIGs/month
 Domain Limit   Unlimited
 Reseller & Site Admin PLESK Control Panels   yes
Special Features:
 Complete Online User Guides   yes
 Reseller Hosting   yes
 MySQL/phpMyadmin   yes
 2GHz PIV 2 Gig RAM, RedHat Linux 9, Plesk 8.0   yes
Master Reseller Pricing:
  One time Set-up Fee   $25.00
 Monthly Payment   $45.95
 Annual Payment (SAVE OVER 40 % !)   $425.00

Once you have signed up and received your welcome letter and set up package, you will be able to begin adding clients immediately.  You will be able to set your clients up directly from your very own web hosting manager in real time. You simply set your own prices and bill your clients accordingly.

Reseller Website Included:

A complete Reseller Website (140 pages) to get your new hosting business online immediately... we've done all the work for you!  

Checkout all the features included within this Reseller Website:
- Hosting Plan list
- FAQs
- Contact Form
- Support Form
- Help Guide
- Support Desk
- Hosting Network Info
- Compare Plans Pag
- Domain Services
- Company Info page
- Why Choose Us page
- AUP & Privacy page
- URL Submission page
- Free eBook page
- Free Meta Tags page
- Order Form pages
- Web Traffic Services
- and more!h
You're free to customize the hosting plans & website as you wish.  

Click Here

Using your domain name, our staff will do the initial setup of your Reseller Website for you - setup just like our demo Reseller Site, click here to check out the Reseller Website demo.

  An order page will be setup with's Subscription Service to automatically have payments collected monthly for you, click here to view the payment page.


  • (you supply)

  • Plesk™ Reseller Control Panel 

  • Plesk™ Client Control Panel 

  • Subdomains (

  • UNLIMITED Email Accts

  • POP Email Service

  • MySQL Databases

  • PHP4

  • 24/7 Unlimited FTP Access


  • Perl5

  • WebAlizer Web Stats

  • Tech Support

   Your Reseller Control Panel allows you to setup your client's (domain accounts) instantly... in real time!  You can also customize the Control Panel logo with your own logo, your clients will see your logo each time they access their Control Panel.  The Logo can be linked directly to your Reseller Website as well. 

Your account will be placed on one of our several Reseller-Only Servers.

We also provide you with a Welcome email template to email to your clients after you setup their hosting account, simply put their information in the template and email directly to them... we provide you with everything to get your hosting business started instantly!


  Click Here to review the additional revenue streams built into the reseller website package.

Responsibilities for

  • we provide you with the same great support that other accounts would receive
  • we provide the ability to create new hosting accounts
  • we supply you with control panels for you and your clients
  • we supply you with a complete 10 page website to make your reselling business a success
  • we provide you with the ability to immediately begin reselling

Responsibilities as a Master Reseller:

  • open and maintain your "Reseller" account in good standing 
  • provide your own domain transfers and registration for your clients
  • support your clients (but we will still support you)
  • provide all billing & support to your clients

You will be in charge of providing ALL support and billing functions to your new clients. When you add a domain to your reseller account you bill & support your new customer directly. 



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